."Kalfüll", art hungerstrike  the blue dreams, is the name of the work which I will present in Berlin in cooperation with the gallery GOTLAND. This New Media -Performance/Installation lasting 3 days takes place in a PLASTIC ROOM 2x3 meters in der Galeria GOTLAND. In this room which is decorated with ornaments of the Mapuche Culture I will spend three days without food or water. You can visit me for 24 hours in which time a Social Plastic is established with which I confront and inform the public about the Mapuche thematic.

This Art Hunger-Strike ends with the performance "Kallfül", on the 6th of May at 8 o'clock pm. For me "Kallfül", the blue dream represents the hope of the Mapuche People, my ancestors. I have known the Mapuche Culture since my childhood, through my grandmother. It fills me with sadness and anger that the Chillean government have reacted to the legitimate demands of these people by unleashing a wave of repression against them.

44 days ago four political (Mapuche) prisoners went on hunger strike. The performance is also my way of demonstrating solidarity and criticising the course of action taken by the Chillean State. Mapuche people are being treated as terrorists with dubious court cases and annonymous witnesses resulting in draconian jail sentences.

Chile has not experienced this level of repression since the fall of Pinochet ..
In 1885, the ancestral countries of the Mapuche of Chile and Argentina, the countries were conquered. Since the late nineties holds the indigenous Mapuche people occupying their land and will take peaceful direct action to defend their communities. In the last time they carried out campaigns to protect nature in the region from logging companies and ... ... d from the effects of the planned dams. The Chilean government said this with a wave of repression to which General Pinochet would be proud! Hundreds of Mapuches were arrested on state security and anti-terrorism laws. Two community leaders were murdered and 17-year-old activist, Edmundo Alex Lemun Saavedra was shot in the head as police occupation in a peaceful country Mininco attacked forest. He died later in hospital. Chile has not experienced this level of repression since the fall of Pinochet. The increase in repression in Chile, as elsewhere, is a part of the neoliberal policy, any cultural resistance to crush.
... in collaboration with the gallery GOTLAND Berlin, the performance artist Alex Mora takes up the problem of the Mapuche people long with a performative installation of 53 hour.

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