The topic of the series of “Comeback“-performances is the return looked upon from different angles. The concept of return has an interdisciplinary approach with geographical dimensions: the acquisition, organisation and the loss of geographical references or boundaries are playing a role in this.
I am pointing at historical and contemporary events through the “Comeback“-performances.

As the concept is growing, developing and changing with every action and its recipients, I am following a scientific approach. These performances are part of the topic: “Sozial-Sculpture–. I am trying to do research with these performances on how people are living and acting in the modern and neo-liberal system. Through exploring the society as a unit and organism I am trying to find out how a group with many senses is functioning and developing a public spirit. During the performance a social world in miniature is created through conversations with the audience. The artist is communicating here in different ways. Part of the performance are photo- and video-documentations, manifests, mixed-media-installations and so on.