The Manifest of the Potato Santiago de Chile , 2007On this day, under this sky, above this earth, which is a witness of many historical events, I will welcome this fruit, that has saved so many lives in so many places on this earth, that is popular and appreciated as no other.In Germany it as also called "Erdapfel" = Earthapple. ("pomme de terre" in French) For many years it was stolen, shipped and removed from its home continent, first to be despised in Europe, even to be feared as being demonic.Because of this Wilhelm II had the potatoes guarded by soldiers and people realised their significance. In 1793 the superstition that the potato was of demonic origin was overcome in this way.There are innumerable ways of eating and using the potato. Important man such as: Abt Molina, Claudio Gay, Alexander Humboldt have done research on the subject.I, as an instrument of modern art, point at its significance by transporting it over 18000 km, therebybringing it back to its birthplace and laying it into the hands of those whose ancestors dug it out forthe first time. Indigenais hands, without doubt, hands of our native people with the name Mapuche,people of the earth.One rainy day while I was wandering around in a German city named "monasteria,– I found you: Cilena 1,50 € / kg. Without knowing why, I could not forget this name, untill one day by coincidence I discussed the topic with my neighbour: Mr Favara, an Italian emigrant. He laughed and said that this is probably a joke as "cilena" is the Italian word for "Chilean."I remember all my dreams, my homesickness, the smell of the VIII. region of Chile, the place where I saw the light of the world for the first time, the sun, also called Antú , at our place in Chiguayante.All these memories went through my head like a herd of galloping horses untill I finally arrived here with my modest offering. The return is the long longed for treasure of every emigrant, who is dreaming of the scents and idealized pictures of a world that only exists in his memory. Memories of an unrestrained love to my roots and my origin enable me to create and make me feel to be part of it all.I show my respect to you: Mestiza, Celina, Chilean, who came from shore to shore by sailing ships. Found in wonder by Irish hands, which unhasitatingly called you a present from God.You, I bring back with my own hands, on this day, the 20th of October 2007. You are at home.Earthapple. Solanum Tuberosum.