I would always qualify my artistic work as "Political", because for me the work of the artist is that of one constantly bearing witness to developments in current affairs, political tendencies and influences with which the artist interacts and incorporates into his work in a critical manner.

Attitudes towards politics and political positions are individual and derived out of an area's biographical, political and social environment. For me it is surely the traumatic memory of the Chilean military dictatorship during my complete childhood that shaped my political stance until this day. The curtailment of freedom and universal human rights sensitized my awareness for these matters. After the end of the military dictatorship Chilean society was to realised that it had exchanged one dictatorship for another disguised under the cloak of democracy. In the structures of the new power apparatus little had been changed.

It was this disappointment that persuaded me to confront and deal with the "Concept of Decolonization". My first artistic studies began in Chile at the Art Academy in Valparaiso. It was a more traditional and conservative form of art study at the time, as even until today in Chile and the whole of Latin America the Performance Arts are not recognized or acknowledged. Therefore they take place underground. The Performance and Action Art is predominantly political in the sense that it denounces social grievances and injustices inflicted on modern society.

An important aspect here is the wave of critic directed at the remaining colonial structures in today's society and the oppression of minorities associated with it (Concept of decolonization), political instability and the new form of class society. Also, injustices in the globalization process as well as the predominant neo-liberal economic model are focused upon here in my work.