Comeback IV "Seed Memorial" is a performance of Alex Mora framed by the congress Planet Diversity, which will take place in Bonn between the 12.05.-16.05.2008.

The aim of the performance is to produce four glass vessels filled with different mixed seeds, which should be placed in four different places of the world in the most possible hight.
One of these four places should be the mountain "Cancana" in the Valle del Elqui in the North of Chile.

During the action on the 12th of May 2008 I will be doing an ongoing performance which will include an information desk. There you will be able to see material about performances of the Comback series which had been taken place already.
At the same time I will give information about Planet Diversity in general and specificly about my planned actions.
Also I will try to find as many helping hands as possible for the realisation of the "Seed Memorial".

In this way the receptors will meet with the temporal space and take interaction by adding to the finishing of the work.
This will lead to the being of a social plastic moderated by the artist.
The Seed Memorials as genetic registers are working as witnesses of a collective memory.
They are not meant for exhibition or sail.
Their aim is to be free artworks.

The performance "Comeback IV" stands in a row of series of performances under the topic comeback, which I carried out so far.
Through these perfomances I indicate at historic and contemporary events.
The concept of comeback is an interdisciplinary approach with geographic dimension: The purchase, the organisation and the loss of references in space or borders are playing a role in this.