There are people in this world, who feel homeless in this world.
In this action I am trying to represent my and our all home: earth.

To me explaining is not an artistic approach. Art should not explain itself. Also performance should not explain itself, as it is not a performance anymore in that moment.

Therefore art should not describe, but it has to realize.

“Perpetual Ice“ as a performance is based on the performance “Barrick Gold“. Topic is the the danger of climat change. There are plans for gold mines in the Andes, which would have fatal results for the biosphere.

The performance:

In the background there will be a projection of the Andes. In the foreground there will be a kitchen scene with a pot full of hot water, which carries the scent of wild roses.
The artist will enter the room and transform it by placing a toilet and two large mirrows in there.
He will get a cart filled with earth and a block of ice. Further on he will undress, take one of the mirrows and hold it in a way, so that the audience are being reflected.
The performer will leave the room. Through an opening one can watch him fatching snow and carrying it into the room using one pf the mirrows as a tray.
He will make a mount out of the earth and strew a thin layer of flaour on its summit. Then he takes some eggs, spray paints them gold and places them upon the earthen hill.
The projection in the background will change at this point. Now a video filmed at “Checkpoint Charly“, Berlin will be shown. The inscriptions on the remains of the wall in different languages left by the nomerous visitors can be seen. The last scene in this video is showing the performer writing his name onto the wall. After that the inscription: “many small people doing many small things in many small places, can change the face of the  world“ is shown. The artist is leaving the room now. The remains of his performance and the video projection will stay as an installation.