Performance & Instalation Project  Kalfül-performance "Dezcolonizate" in 4bid Gallery Amsterdam 11.10.2014

while for many, the 12 October symbolizes the 'discovery' of the New World by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus who landed ashore the Americas in 1492, this date epitomizes the historic turning point marking the beginning of an era of oppression for indigenous peoples.Despite global advances and developments in all areas of human life, indigenous peoples continue to face exploitation, persecution and discrimination. Many transnational corporations and governments are guilty of polluting the environment, implementing mega development projects and extracting raw materials from indigenous lands, forcing indigenous communities worldwide to resettle. Consequently, these communities have lost, or risk losing, their native cultures, languages, knowledge and identities, while many of those who have stood up against such injustice have been persecuted or murdered mercilessly.On Saturday, 11 October 2014, the indigenous people living in Netherlands will celebrate the resilience of indigenous resistance all around the world with indigenous music, poetry, dance, film, performance &Instalation Kalfül project Alex Mora .Date: Saturday 11 October 2014, Location: OT301Address: Overtoom 301, in Amsterdam .